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Type CSVReader

Namespace tensorflow.contrib.timeseries

Parent ReaderBaseTimeSeriesParser

Interfaces ICSVReader

Reads from a collection of CSV-formatted files.



Public static methods

CSVReader NewDyn(object filenames, ImplicitContainer<T> column_names, object column_dtypes, object skip_header_lines, ImplicitContainer<T> read_num_records_hint)

CSV-parsing reader for a `TimeSeriesInputFn`.
object filenames
A filename or list of filenames to read the time series from. Each line must have columns corresponding to `column_names`.
ImplicitContainer<T> column_names
A list indicating names for each feature. `TrainEvalFeatures.TIMES` and `TrainEvalFeatures.VALUES` are required; `VALUES` may be repeated to indicate a multivariate series.
object column_dtypes
If provided, must be a list with the same length as `column_names`, indicating dtypes for each column. Defaults to tf.int64 for `TrainEvalFeatures.TIMES` and tf.float32 for everything else.
object skip_header_lines
Passed on to `tf.compat.v1.TextLineReader`; skips this number of lines at the beginning of each file.
ImplicitContainer<T> read_num_records_hint
When not reading a full dataset, indicates the number of records to parse/transfer in a single chunk (for efficiency). The actual number transferred at one time may be more or less.

Public properties

object PythonObject get;