LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type GCEClusterResolver

Namespace tensorflow.distribute.cluster_resolver

Parent ClusterResolver

Interfaces IGCEClusterResolver

ClusterResolver for Google Compute Engine.

This is an implementation of cluster resolvers for the Google Compute Engine instance group platform. By specifying a project, zone, and instance group, this will retrieve the IP address of all the instances within the instance group and return a ClusterResolver object suitable for use for distributed TensorFlow.



Public static methods

GCEClusterResolver NewDyn(object project, object zone, object instance_group, object port, ImplicitContainer<T> task_type, ImplicitContainer<T> task_id, ImplicitContainer<T> rpc_layer, ImplicitContainer<T> credentials, object service)

Creates a new GCEClusterResolver object.

This takes in a few parameters and creates a GCEClusterResolver project. It will then use these parameters to query the GCE API for the IP addresses of each instance in the instance group.
object project
Name of the GCE project.
object zone
Zone of the GCE instance group.
object instance_group
Name of the GCE instance group.
object port
Port of the listening TensorFlow server (default: 8470)
ImplicitContainer<T> task_type
Name of the TensorFlow job this GCE instance group of VM instances belong to.
ImplicitContainer<T> task_id
The task index for this particular VM, within the GCE instance group. In particular, every single instance should be assigned a unique ordinal index within an instance group manually so that they can be distinguished from each other.
ImplicitContainer<T> rpc_layer
The RPC layer TensorFlow should use to communicate across instances.
ImplicitContainer<T> credentials
GCE Credentials. If nothing is specified, this defaults to GoogleCredentials.get_application_default().
object service
The GCE API object returned by the googleapiclient.discovery function. (Default: discovery.build('compute', 'v1')). If you specify a custom service object, then the credentials parameter will be ignored.

Public properties

string environment get;

object environment_dyn get;

object PythonObject get;

string rpc_layer get; set;

object rpc_layer_dyn get; set;

int task_id get; set;

object task_id_dyn get; set;

string task_type get; set;

object task_type_dyn get; set;