LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type IStrategy

Namespace tensorflow.distribute

Interfaces IStrategy

Public instance methods

object experimental_make_numpy_dataset(object numpy_input, object session)

Makes a dataset for input provided via a numpy array.

This avoids adding `numpy_input` as a large constant in the graph, and copies the data to the machine or machines that will be processing the input.
object numpy_input
A nest of NumPy input arrays that will be distributed evenly across all replicas. Note that lists of Numpy arrays are stacked, as that is normal tf.data.Dataset behavior.
object session
(TensorFlow v1.x graph execution only) A session used for initialization.
A tf.data.Dataset representing `numpy_input`.

object experimental_run(object fn, object input_iterator)

object make_input_fn_iterator(object input_fn, object replication_mode)