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Type Adagrad

Namespace tensorflow.keras.optimizers

Parent Optimizer

Interfaces IAdagrad

Optimizer that implements the Adagrad algorithm.

Adagrad is an optimizer with parameter-specific learning rates, which are adapted relative to how frequently a parameter gets updated during training. The more updates a parameter receives, the smaller the updates.

Initialization: $$accum_{g_0} := \text{initial_accumulator_value}$$

Update step: $$t := t + 1$$ $$accum_{g_t} := accum_{g_{t-1}} + g^2$$ $$\theta_t := \theta_{t-1} - lr * g / (\sqrt{accum_{g_t}} + \epsilon)$$


* [Paper](http://www.jmlr.org/papers/volume12/duchi11a/duchi11a.pdf). * [Introduction] (https://ppasupat.github.io/a9online/uploads/proximal_notes.pdf).



Public instance methods

object set_weights_dyn_(object weights)

Public properties

object clipnorm get; set;

object clipvalue get; set;

double epsilon get; set;

object iterations get; set;

object iterations_dyn get; set;

object PythonObject get;

IList<object> weights get;

object weights_dyn get;