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Type CustomObjectScope

Namespace tensorflow.keras.utils

Parent PythonObjectContainer

Interfaces ICustomObjectScope, IContextManager<T>

Provides a scope that changes to `_GLOBAL_CUSTOM_OBJECTS` cannot escape.

Code within a `with` statement will be able to access custom objects by name. Changes to global custom objects persist within the enclosing `with` statement. At end of the `with` statement, global custom objects are reverted to state at beginning of the `with` statement.


Consider a custom object `MyObject` (e.g. a class):
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with CustomObjectScope({'MyObject':MyObject}):
                layer = Dense(..., kernel_regularizer='MyObject')
                # save, load, etc. will recognize custom object by name 



Public instance methods

bool __exit__(IDictionary<string, object> kwargs, Object[] args)

bool __exit__(Object[] args)

object __exit___dyn(IDictionary<string, object> kwargs, Object[] args)

object __exit___dyn(Object[] args)

Public properties

IDictionary<object, object> backup get; set;

ValueTuple<IDictionary<object, object>> custom_objects get; set;

object PythonObject get;