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Type linear_operator_algebra

Namespace tensorflow.python.ops.linalg.linear_operator_algebra

Public static methods

object adjoint(LinearOperator lin_op_a, string name)

object adjoint(object lin_op_a, string name)

object adjoint_dyn(object lin_op_a, object name)

Transposes the last two dimensions of and conjugates tensor `matrix`.
object lin_op_a
object name
A name to give this `Op` (optional).
The adjoint (a.k.a. Hermitian transpose a.k.a. conjugate transpose) of matrix.
Show Example
x = tf.constant([[1 + 1j, 2 + 2j, 3 + 3j],
                             [4 + 4j, 5 + 5j, 6 + 6j]])
            tf.linalg.adjoint(x)  # [[1 - 1j, 4 - 4j],
                                  #  [2 - 2j, 5 - 5j],
                                  #  [3 - 3j, 6 - 6j]] 

object cholesky(LinearOperator lin_op_a, string name)

object inverse(LinearOperator lin_op_a, string name)

object inverse_dyn(object lin_op_a, object name)

object matmul(LinearOperator lin_op_a, LinearOperator lin_op_b, string name)

object solve(LinearOperator lin_op_a, LinearOperator lin_op_b, string name)

object solve_dyn(object lin_op_a, object lin_op_b, object name)

Public properties

PythonFunctionContainer adjoint_fn get;

PythonFunctionContainer cholesky_fn get;

PythonFunctionContainer inverse_fn get;

PythonFunctionContainer matmul_fn get;

PythonFunctionContainer RegisterAdjoint_fn get;

PythonFunctionContainer RegisterCholesky_fn get;

PythonFunctionContainer RegisterInverse_fn get;

PythonFunctionContainer RegisterMatmul_fn get;

PythonFunctionContainer RegisterSolve_fn get;

PythonFunctionContainer solve_fn get;