LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type GradientEngine

Namespace LostTech.Gradient

Contains members, which control how Gradient is configured and initialized



Public static methods

void UseCondaEnvironment(string condaEnvironmentName)

Set Conda environment, whose TensorFlow is going to be used.
string condaEnvironmentName
Name of the Conda environment to use

void UseEnvironment(PythonEnvironment pythonEnvironment)

Set Python environment, whose TensorFlow is going to be used.

bool UseEnvironmentFromVariable(string environmentVariableName)

Configures Gradient to use Python environment, described in the specified environment variable. (default: GRADIENT_PYTHON_ENVIRONMENT)
string environmentVariableName
Name of the environment variable to read configuration from

Public properties

bool AutomaticallySelectedEnvironment get; set;

Indicates if the Python environment has been selected automatically

bool IsInitialized get;

Gets Gradient initialization status

PythonEnvironment PythonEnvironment get; set;

Python environment used by Gradient