LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type IDeviceAssignment

Namespace tensorflow.tpu.experimental

Interfaces IPythonObjectContainer

Public instance methods

object coordinates(object replica, object logical_core)

object host_device(object replica, object logical_core, object job)

object lookup_replicas(object task_id, object logical_core)

Lookup replica ids by task number and logical core.
object task_id
TensorFlow task number.
object logical_core
An integer, identifying a logical core.
A sorted list of the replicas that are attached to that task and logical_core.

object tpu_device(object replica, object logical_core, object job)

object tpu_ordinal(object replica, object logical_core)

Public properties

object core_assignment get;

object num_cores_per_replica get;

object num_replicas get;

object topology get;