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Type BahdanauMonotonicAttention

Namespace tensorflow.contrib.seq2seq

Parent _BaseMonotonicAttentionMechanism

Interfaces IBahdanauMonotonicAttention

Monotonic attention mechanism with Bahadanau-style energy function.

This type of attention enforces a monotonic constraint on the attention distributions; that is once the model attends to a given point in the memory it can't attend to any prior points at subsequence output timesteps. It achieves this by using the _monotonic_probability_fn instead of softmax to construct its attention distributions. Since the attention scores are passed through a sigmoid, a learnable scalar bias parameter is applied after the score function and before the sigmoid. Otherwise, it is equivalent to BahdanauAttention. This approach is proposed in

Colin Raffel, Minh-Thang Luong, Peter J. Liu, Ron J. Weiss, Douglas Eck, "Online and Linear-Time Attention by Enforcing Monotonic Alignments." ICML 2017. https://arxiv.org/abs/1704.00784



Public static methods

BahdanauMonotonicAttention NewDyn(object num_units, object memory, object memory_sequence_length, ImplicitContainer<T> normalize, object score_mask_value, ImplicitContainer<T> sigmoid_noise, object sigmoid_noise_seed, ImplicitContainer<T> score_bias_init, ImplicitContainer<T> mode, object dtype, ImplicitContainer<T> name)

Construct the Attention mechanism.
object num_units
The depth of the query mechanism.
object memory
The memory to query; usually the output of an RNN encoder. This tensor should be shaped `[batch_size, max_time,...]`. memory_sequence_length (optional): Sequence lengths for the batch entries in memory. If provided, the memory tensor rows are masked with zeros for values past the respective sequence lengths.
object memory_sequence_length
ImplicitContainer<T> normalize
object score_mask_value
(optional): The mask value for score before passing into `probability_fn`. The default is -inf. Only used if `memory_sequence_length` is not None.
ImplicitContainer<T> sigmoid_noise
Standard deviation of pre-sigmoid noise. See the docstring for `_monotonic_probability_fn` for more information.
object sigmoid_noise_seed
(optional) Random seed for pre-sigmoid noise.
ImplicitContainer<T> score_bias_init
Initial value for score bias scalar. It's recommended to initialize this to a negative value when the length of the memory is large.
ImplicitContainer<T> mode
How to compute the attention distribution. Must be one of 'recursive', 'parallel', or 'hard'. See the docstring for tf.contrib.seq2seq.monotonic_attention for more information.
object dtype
The data type for the query and memory layers of the attention mechanism.
ImplicitContainer<T> name
Name to use when creating ops.

Public properties

object alignments_size get;

object alignments_size_dyn get;

object batch_size get;

object batch_size_dyn get;

object dtype get; set;

object keys get;

object keys_dyn get;

Dense memory_layer get;

object memory_layer_dyn get;

object PythonObject get;

Dense query_layer get;

object query_layer_dyn get;

object state_size get;

object state_size_dyn get;

object values get;

object values_dyn get;