LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type ScheduledOutputTrainingHelper

Namespace tensorflow.contrib.seq2seq

Parent TrainingHelper

Interfaces IScheduledOutputTrainingHelper

A training helper that adds scheduled sampling directly to outputs.

Returns False for sample_ids where no sampling took place; True elsewhere.



Public static methods

ScheduledOutputTrainingHelper NewDyn(object inputs, object sequence_length, object sampling_probability, ImplicitContainer<T> time_major, object seed, object next_inputs_fn, object auxiliary_inputs, object name)

object inputs
A (structure) of input tensors.
object sequence_length
An int32 vector tensor.
object sampling_probability
A 0D `float32` tensor: the probability of sampling from the outputs instead of reading directly from the inputs.
ImplicitContainer<T> time_major
Python bool. Whether the tensors in `inputs` are time major. If `False` (default), they are assumed to be batch major.
object seed
The sampling seed.
object next_inputs_fn
(Optional) callable to apply to the RNN outputs to create the next input when sampling. If `None` (default), the RNN outputs will be used as the next inputs.
object auxiliary_inputs
An optional (structure of) auxiliary input tensors with a shape that matches `inputs` in all but (potentially) the final dimension. These tensors will be concatenated to the sampled output or the `inputs` when not sampling for use as the next input.
object name
Name scope for any created operations.

Public properties

Tensor batch_size get;

object batch_size_dyn get;

Tensor inputs get;

object inputs_dyn get;

object PythonObject get;

DType sample_ids_dtype get;

object sample_ids_dtype_dyn get;

TensorShape sample_ids_shape get;

object sample_ids_shape_dyn get;

Tensor sequence_length get;

object sequence_length_dyn get;