LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type Open

Namespace tensorflow.gfile

Parent FileIO

Interfaces IOpen

File I/O wrappers without thread locking.

Note, that this is somewhat like builtin Python file I/O, but there are semantic differences to make it more efficient for some backing filesystems. For example, a write mode file will not be opened until the first write call (to minimize RPC invocations in network filesystems).



Public instance methods

object __next__()

object __next___dyn()

object next_dyn()

object read(int n)

object read_dyn(ImplicitContainer<T> n)

object readline()

object readline_dyn()

IList<object> readlines()

object readlines_dyn()

void seek(Nullable<int> offset, int whence, Nullable<int> position)

object seek_dyn(object offset, ImplicitContainer<T> whence, object position)

bool seekable()

object seekable_dyn()

object size()

object size_dyn()

object tell()

object tell_dyn()

void write(string file_content)

Returns a tf.Operation to write a dataset to a file.
A tf.Operation that, when run, writes contents of `dataset` to a file.

void write(RichLine file_content)

void write(IEnumerator<string> file_content)

void write(IEnumerable<object> file_content)

void write(Byte[] file_content)

Write a string record to the file.

object write_dyn(object file_content)

Write a string record to the file.

Public properties

string mode get;

object mode_dyn get;

object name get;

object name_dyn get;

object PythonObject get;