LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type InputFnOps

Namespace tensorflow.contrib.learn

Parent PythonObjectContainer

Interfaces IInputFnOps

A return type for an input_fn (deprecated).

THIS CLASS IS DEPRECATED. Please use tf.estimator.export.ServingInputReceiver instead.

This return type is currently only supported for serving input_fn. Training and eval input_fn should return a `(features, labels)` tuple.

The expected return values are: features: A dict of string to `Tensor` or `SparseTensor`, specifying the features to be passed to the model. labels: A `Tensor`, `SparseTensor`, or a dict of string to `Tensor` or `SparseTensor`, specifying labels for training or eval. For serving, set `labels` to `None`. default_inputs: a dict of string to `Tensor` or `SparseTensor`, specifying the input placeholders (if any) that this input_fn expects to be fed. Typically, this is used by a serving input_fn, which expects to be fed serialized `tf.Example` protos.


Public properties

object default_inputs get; set;

object features get; set;

object labels get; set;

object PythonObject get;