LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type InputLayer

Namespace tensorflow.keras.layers

Parent Layer

Interfaces IInputLayer

Layer to be used as an entry point into a Network (a graph of layers).

It can either wrap an existing tensor (pass an `input_tensor` argument) or create a placeholder tensor (pass arguments `input_shape`, and optionally, `dtype`).

It is generally recommend to use the functional layer API via `Input`, (which creates an `InputLayer`) without directly using `InputLayer`.

This class can create placeholders for tf.Tensors, tf.SparseTensors, and tf.RaggedTensors by choosing 'sparse=True' or 'ragged=True'.



Public static methods

InputLayer NewDyn(object input_shape, object batch_size, object dtype, object input_tensor, ImplicitContainer<T> sparse, object name, ImplicitContainer<T> ragged, IDictionary<string, object> kwargs)

Public properties

PythonFunctionContainer activity_regularizer get; set;

object activity_regularizer_dyn get; set;

object batch_size get; set;

bool built get; set;

object dtype get;

object dtype_dyn get;

bool dynamic get;

object dynamic_dyn get;

IList<Node> inbound_nodes get;

object inbound_nodes_dyn get;

IList<object> input get;

object input_dyn get;

object input_mask get;

object input_mask_dyn get;

IList<object> input_shape get;

object input_shape_dyn get;

object input_spec get; set;

object input_spec_dyn get; set;

bool is_placeholder get; set;

IList<object> losses get;

object losses_dyn get;

IList<object> metrics get;

object metrics_dyn get;

object name get;

object name_dyn get;

object name_scope get;

object name_scope_dyn get;

IList<object> non_trainable_variables get;

object non_trainable_variables_dyn get;

IList<object> non_trainable_weights get;

object non_trainable_weights_dyn get;

IList<object> outbound_nodes get;

object outbound_nodes_dyn get;

IList<object> output get;

object output_dyn get;

object output_mask get;

object output_mask_dyn get;

object output_shape get;

object output_shape_dyn get;

object PythonObject get;

Nullable<bool> ragged get; set;

Nullable<bool> sparse get; set;

bool stateful get; set;

ValueTuple<object> submodules get;

object submodules_dyn get;

bool supports_masking get; set;

bool trainable get; set;

object trainable_dyn get; set;

object trainable_variables get;

object trainable_variables_dyn get;

IList<object> trainable_weights get;

object trainable_weights_dyn get;

IList<object> updates get;

object updates_dyn get;

object variables get;

object variables_dyn get;

IList<object> weights get;

object weights_dyn get;