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Type Affine

Namespace tensorflow.contrib.distributions.bijectors

Parent Bijector

Interfaces IAffine

Compute `Y = g(X; shift, scale) = scale @ X + shift`.

Here `scale = c * I + diag(D1) + tril(L) + V @ diag(D2) @ V.T`.

In TF parlance, the `scale` term is logically equivalent to: The `scale` term is applied without necessarily materializing constituent matrices, i.e., the matmul is [matrix-free]( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matrix-free_methods) when possible.

#### Examples
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scale = (
              scale_identity_multiplier * tf.linalg.tensor_diag(tf.ones(d)) +
              tf.linalg.tensor_diag(scale_diag) +
              scale_tril +
              scale_perturb_factor @ diag(scale_perturb_diag) @


Public properties

object dtype get;

object dtype_dyn get;

object forward_min_event_ndims get;

object forward_min_event_ndims_dyn get;

IList<object> graph_parents get;

object graph_parents_dyn get;

object inverse_min_event_ndims get;

object inverse_min_event_ndims_dyn get;

bool is_constant_jacobian get;

object is_constant_jacobian_dyn get;

object name get;

object name_dyn get;

object PythonObject get;

object scale get;

The `scale` `LinearOperator` in `Y = scale @ X + shift`.

object scale_dyn get;

The `scale` `LinearOperator` in `Y = scale @ X + shift`.

object shift get;

The `shift` `Tensor` in `Y = scale @ X + shift`.

object shift_dyn get;

The `shift` `Tensor` in `Y = scale @ X + shift`.

bool validate_args get;

object validate_args_dyn get;