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Type CholeskyOuterProduct

Namespace tensorflow.contrib.distributions.bijectors

Parent Bijector

Interfaces ICholeskyOuterProduct

Compute `g(X) = X @ X.T`; X is lower-triangular, positive-diagonal matrix.

Note: the upper-triangular part of X is ignored (whether or not its zero).

The surjectivity of g as a map from the set of n x n positive-diagonal lower-triangular matrices to the set of SPD matrices follows immediately from executing the Cholesky factorization algorithm on an SPD matrix A to produce a positive-diagonal lower-triangular matrix L such that `A = L @ L.T`.

To prove the injectivity of g, suppose that L_1 and L_2 are lower-triangular with positive diagonals and satisfy `A = L_1 @ L_1.T = L_2 @ L_2.T`. Then `inv(L_1) @ A @ inv(L_1).T = [inv(L_1) @ L_2] @ [inv(L_1) @ L_2].T = I`. Setting `L_3 := inv(L_1) @ L_2`, that L_3 is a positive-diagonal lower-triangular matrix follows from `inv(L_1)` being positive-diagonal lower-triangular (which follows from the diagonal of a triangular matrix being its spectrum), and that the product of two positive-diagonal lower-triangular matrices is another positive-diagonal lower-triangular matrix.

A simple inductive argument (proceeding one column of L_3 at a time) shows that, if `I = L_3 @ L_3.T`, with L_3 being lower-triangular with positive- diagonal, then `L_3 = I`. Thus, `L_1 = L_2`, proving injectivity of g.

#### Examples
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bijector.CholeskyOuterProduct().forward(x=[[1., 0], [2, 1]])
            # Result: [[1., 2], [2, 5]], i.e., x @ x.T 

bijector.CholeskyOuterProduct().inverse(y=[[1., 2], [2, 5]]) # Result: [[1., 0], [2, 1]], i.e., cholesky(y).


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