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Type Exp

Namespace tensorflow.contrib.distributions.bijectors

Parent PowerTransform

Interfaces IExp

Compute `Y = g(X) = exp(X)`.

Example Use: Note: the exp(.) is applied element-wise but the Jacobian is a reduction over the event space.
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# Create the Y=g(X)=exp(X) transform which works only on Tensors with 1
            # batch ndim 2.
            exp = Exp()
            x = [[[1., 2],
                   [3, 4]],
                  [[5, 6],
                   [7, 8]]]
            exp(x) == exp.forward(x)
            log(x) == exp.inverse(x) 


Public properties

object dtype get;

object dtype_dyn get;

object forward_min_event_ndims get;

object forward_min_event_ndims_dyn get;

IList<object> graph_parents get;

object graph_parents_dyn get;

object inverse_min_event_ndims get;

object inverse_min_event_ndims_dyn get;

bool is_constant_jacobian get;

object is_constant_jacobian_dyn get;

object name get;

object name_dyn get;

object power get;

object power_dyn get;

object PythonObject get;

bool validate_args get;

object validate_args_dyn get;