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Type Permute

Namespace tensorflow.contrib.distributions.bijectors

Parent Bijector

Interfaces IPermute

Permutes the rightmost dimension of a `Tensor`. Warning: tf.estimator may repeatedly build the graph thus `Permute(np.random.permutation(event_size)).astype("int32"))` is not a reliable parameterization (nor would it be even if using tf.constant). A safe alternative is to use `tf.compat.v1.get_variable` to achieve "init once" behavior, i.e.,
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import tensorflow_probability as tfp
            tfb = tfp.bijectors 

reverse = tfb.Permute(permutation=[2, 1, 0])

reverse.forward([-1., 0., 1.]) # ==> [1., 0., -1]

reverse.inverse([1., 0., -1]) # ==> [-1., 0., 1.]

reverse.forward_log_det_jacobian(any_value) # ==> 0.

reverse.inverse_log_det_jacobian(any_value) # ==> 0.


Public properties

object dtype get;

object dtype_dyn get;

object forward_min_event_ndims get;

object forward_min_event_ndims_dyn get;

IList<object> graph_parents get;

object graph_parents_dyn get;

object inverse_min_event_ndims get;

object inverse_min_event_ndims_dyn get;

bool is_constant_jacobian get;

object is_constant_jacobian_dyn get;

object name get;

object name_dyn get;

object permutation get;

object permutation_dyn get;

object PythonObject get;

bool validate_args get;

object validate_args_dyn get;