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Type CosineSimilarity

Namespace tensorflow.keras.metrics

Parent MeanMetricWrapper

Interfaces ICosineSimilarity

Computes the cosine similarity between the labels and predictions.

cosine similarity = (a. b) / ||a|| ||b|| [Cosine Similarity](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosine_similarity)

For example, if `y_true` is [0, 1, 1], and `y_pred` is [1, 0, 1], the cosine similarity is 0.5.

This metric keeps the average cosine similarity between `predictions` and `labels` over a stream of data.

Usage: Usage with tf.keras API:
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m = tf.keras.metrics.CosineSimilarity(axis=1)
            m.update_state([[0., 1.], [1., 1.]], [[1., 0.], [1., 1.]])
            # l2_norm(y_true) = [[0., 1.], [1./1.414], 1./1.414]]]
            # l2_norm(y_pred) = [[1., 0.], [1./1.414], 1./1.414]]]
            # l2_norm(y_true). l2_norm(y_pred) = [[0., 0.], [0.5, 0.5]]
            # result = mean(sum(l2_norm(y_true). l2_norm(y_pred), axis=1))
                   = ((0. + 0.) +  (0.5 + 0.5)) / 2 

print('Final result: ', m.result().numpy()) # Final result: 0.5


Public properties

PythonFunctionContainer activity_regularizer get; set;

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