LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type CheckpointSaverHook

Namespace tensorflow.train

Parent SessionRunHook

Interfaces ICheckpointSaverHook

Saves checkpoints every N steps or seconds.



Public static methods

CheckpointSaverHook NewDyn(object checkpoint_dir, object save_secs, object save_steps, object saver, ImplicitContainer<T> checkpoint_basename, object scaffold, object listeners)

Initializes a `CheckpointSaverHook`.
object checkpoint_dir
`str`, base directory for the checkpoint files.
object save_secs
`int`, save every N secs.
object save_steps
`int`, save every N steps.
object saver
`Saver` object, used for saving.
ImplicitContainer<T> checkpoint_basename
`str`, base name for the checkpoint files.
object scaffold
`Scaffold`, use to get saver object.
object listeners
List of `CheckpointSaverListener` subclass instances. Used for callbacks that run immediately before or after this hook saves the checkpoint.

Public properties

object PythonObject get;