LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type ISaver

Namespace tensorflow.train

Interfaces IPythonObjectContainer

Public instance methods

object as_saver_def()

Generates a `SaverDef` representation of this saver.
A `SaverDef` proto.

object build()

Build a profiling option.
A dict of profiling options.

object export_meta_graph(object filename, object collection_list, object as_text, object export_scope, object clear_devices, object clear_extraneous_savers, object strip_default_attrs, object save_debug_info)

object recover_last_checkpoints(object checkpoint_paths)

object restore(object sess, object save_path)

object save(object sess, object save_path, object global_step, object latest_filename, object meta_graph_suffix, object write_meta_graph, object write_state, object strip_default_attrs, object save_debug_info)

object set_last_checkpoints_(object last_checkpoints)

object set_last_checkpoints_with_time(object last_checkpoints_with_time)

Public properties

object last_checkpoints get;