LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type ISupervisor

Namespace tensorflow.train

Interfaces IPythonObjectContainer

Public instance methods

object loop(object timer_interval_secs, object target, object args, object kwargs)

object managed_session(object master, object config, object start_standard_services, object close_summary_writer)

object prepare_or_wait_for_session(object master, object config, object wait_for_checkpoint, object max_wait_secs, object start_standard_services)

object start_queue_runners(object sess, object queue_runners)

object start_standard_services(object sess)

object stop(object threads, object close_summary_writer, object ignore_live_threads)

object summary_computed(object sess, object summary, object global_step)

object wait_for_stop()

Block waiting for the coordinator to stop.

Public properties

object coord get;

object global_step get;

object init_feed_dict get;

object init_op get;

object is_chief get;

object ready_for_local_init_op get;

object ready_op get;

object save_model_secs get;

object save_path get;

object save_summaries_secs get;

object saver get;

object session_manager get;

object summary_op get;

object summary_writer get;