LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type ICoordinator

Namespace tensorflow.train

Interfaces IPythonObjectContainer

Public instance methods

object clear_stop()

Clears the stop flag.

After this is called, calls to `should_stop()` will return `False`.

object join(object threads, object stop_grace_period_secs, object ignore_live_threads)

object register_thread(object thread)

object request_stop(object ex)

Request that the threads stop.

After this is called, calls to `should_stop()` will return `True`.

Note: If an exception is being passed in, in must be in the context of handling the exception (i.e. `try:... except Exception as ex:...`) and not a newly created one.
object ex
Optional `Exception`, or Python `exc_info` tuple as returned by `sys.exc_info()`. If this is the first call to `request_stop()` the corresponding exception is recorded and re-raised from `join()`.

object should_stop()

Check if the coordinator was told to stop.

See `Coordinator.should_stop()`.
True if the coordinator was told to stop, False otherwise.

object stop_on_exception()

Context handler to stop the supervisor when an exception is raised.

See `Coordinator.stop_on_exception()`.
A context handler.

object wait_for_stop(object timeout)

Public properties

object joined get;