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Type LoggingTensorHook

Namespace tensorflow.train

Parent SessionRunHook

Interfaces ILoggingTensorHook

Prints the given tensors every N local steps, every N seconds, or at end.

The tensors will be printed to the log, with `INFO` severity. If you are not seeing the logs, you might want to add the following line after your imports: Note that if `at_end` is True, `tensors` should not include any tensor whose evaluation produces a side effect such as consuming additional inputs.
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Public static methods

LoggingTensorHook NewDyn(object tensors, object every_n_iter, object every_n_secs, ImplicitContainer<T> at_end, object formatter)

Initializes a `LoggingTensorHook`.
object tensors
`dict` that maps string-valued tags to tensors/tensor names, or `iterable` of tensors/tensor names.
object every_n_iter
`int`, print the values of `tensors` once every N local steps taken on the current worker.
object every_n_secs
`int` or `float`, print the values of `tensors` once every N seconds. Exactly one of `every_n_iter` and `every_n_secs` should be provided.
ImplicitContainer<T> at_end
`bool` specifying whether to print the values of `tensors` at the end of the run.
object formatter
function, takes dict of `tag`->`Tensor` and returns a string. If `None` uses default printing all tensors.

Public properties

object PythonObject get;