LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type IGraph

Namespace tensorflow

Interfaces IPythonObjectContainer

Public instance methods

object add_to_collection(object name, object value)

object add_to_collections(object names, object value)

object as_graph_def(object from_version, object add_shapes)

object as_graph_element(object obj, object allow_tensor, object allow_operation)

object clear_collection(object name)

object colocate_with(object op, object ignore_existing)

object container(object container_name)

object create_op(object op_type, object inputs, object dtypes, object input_types, object name, object attrs, object op_def, object compute_shapes, object compute_device)

object get_collection(object name, object scope)

object get_collection_ref(object name)

object get_name_scope()

Returns the current name scope. would print the string `scope1/scope2`.
A string representing the current name scope.
Show Example
with tf.name_scope('scope1'):
              with tf.name_scope('scope2'):

object get_operation_by_name(object name)

object get_tensor_by_name(object name)

object gradient_override_map(object op_type_map)

object is_feedable(object tensor)

object is_fetchable(object tensor_or_op)

object name_scope(object name)

object prevent_feeding(object tensor)

object unique_name(object name, object mark_as_used)

Public properties

object building_function get;

object collections get;

object finalized get;

object graph_def_versions get;

object seed get; set;

object version get;