LostTech.TensorFlow : API Documentation

Type IRaggedTensor

Namespace tensorflow

Interfaces ICompositeTensor

Public instance methods

object bounding_shape(object axis, object name, object out_type)

object nested_row_lengths(object name)

object nested_value_rowids(object name)

object nrows(object out_type, object name)

object row_lengths(object axis, object name)

object row_limits(object name)

object row_starts(object name)

object to_list()

Returns a nested Python `list` with the values for this `RaggedTensor`.

Requires that `rt` was constructed in eager execution mode.
A nested Python `list`.

object to_sparse(object name)

object to_tensor(object default_value, object name)

object value_rowids(object name)

object with_flat_values(object new_values)

object with_row_splits_dtype(object dtype)

object with_values(object new_values)

Returns a copy of `self` with `values` replaced by `new_value`.

Preserves cached row-partitioning tensors such as `self.cached_nrows` and `self.cached_value_rowids` if they have values.
object new_values
Potentially ragged tensor to use as the `values` for the returned `RaggedTensor`. Must have `rank > 0`, and must have the same number of rows as `self.values`.
A `RaggedTensor`. `result.rank = 1 + new_values.rank`. `result.ragged_rank = 1 + new_values.ragged_rank`

Public properties

object dtype get;

object flat_values get;

object nested_row_splits get;

object ragged_rank get;

object row_splits get;

object shape get;

object values get;